Physical Therapy Services


At Evolution Physical Therapy we utilize many manual therapy techniques. These are specialized skills performed on nerves, joints and muscles, used to treat orthopaedic and neurologic conditions. 

These “hands on methods” are applied to the affected areas of your body to eliminate pain, relax muscles that are tight or in spasm, restore active range of motion, improve flexibility and increase your function.  These include:  joint and soft tissue mobilization, spinal manipulation, neural mobilization, scar mobilizations, muscle energy.

There is strong research related to these techniques for treating back and neck pain, knee arthritis, frozen shoulder, sciatica. The techniques are generally not painful and at times, can provide immediate relief. 



After a thorough evaluation, each patient is prescribed corrective exercises tailored to their specific needs, goals and lifestyle. No two people are alike.

Exercise programs can be very simple, while being highly effective. We aim to help each patient find better health and function which includes an exercise program tailored to you. An exercise program can be individualized to be performed in a gym-setting or at home with equipment you own or no equipment at all.


By listening to your needs and goals, we can create a program that is realistic and effective. 


The soft tissues of our bodies such as muscle, fascia, ligaments, tendons can be sources of pain and restriction. There are various ways to mobilize soft tissue including manual mobilization, scar massage, instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and instruction in self-treatment techniques. This type of treatment is always combined with more active treatments (home exercises, stretching, postural education, etc) within a session. 

Soft tissue injuries or restrictions (tightness, tender points) can arise from a variety of causes: sports injuries, repetitive stress, motor vehicle accidents, overuse, training errors, surgical scars or lack of mobility. Jessie is certified in Graston technique (a specific type of soft tissue mobilization.)


Jessie has completed both an Introductory Dry Needling course and an Advanced Dry Needling course. Dry Needling is a quick and effective treatment that uses a fine needle to treat trigger points. 


For a variety of reasons, it may be more appropriate for patients to remain at home and receive PT services virtually. Jessie offers HIPAA compliant, private, easy to access tele-health visits. This service is available to anyone in North Carolina.