Dr. David Palmer,

Retired College President

Jessie, Your experience, training and approach to rendering physical care to your patients has been particularly helpful to me. You have been non-judgmental, encouraging, understanding and supportive, and that has made all the difference in regaining an active, relatively pain-free lifestyle. 

Gloria Kutscheid, Artist and Teacher

I was referred to Jessie Mathers about two years ago . First of all, Jessie listens. Wow, what a concept. Secondly she assesses your current condition and gives you therapy that is tailored to your needs. I am amazed at how Jessie has changed my life. 

I learned a whole new way of looking at my pain.  The old “No Pain, No Gain” is off the tables when doing the exercises she has given me. I take no Ibuprofen at all now and I am slowly getting off of my other pain medications.

Karen Kingsolver,

Physician Well-Being Consultant

I am a fan of PTs, having seen many of them over the years, and Jessie Mathers gets 10/10 stars!​ Her specialty training in troubled necks and backs would be reason alone to see her.  She takes a strongly empowering approach with her interventions.  Never once did I feel “impaired” or judged by her.  This was important because I came to her after months of pain and much discouragement. 


Jessie was realistic and hopeful and encouraged my small steps so I could get stronger.  Its been 4 months since the initial visit and I am now stronger, feel vibrant again, and have great tools for when I have a bad pain day.


I’d recommend Jessie to anyone needing a smart, organized, heart-of-a-healer PT.

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